Awards reassure us of the success of our work, and motivate us to keep going. That said, we won’t rest on our laurels; on the contrary, we will continue our efforts every day to further improve.  Please find here our most recent awards.

WIDEX MOMENT™ App Named CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree

November 16, 2022 - Widex has been named a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree for the WIDEX MOMENT smartphone app (iOS and Android), which is compatible with all WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids.

The WIDEX MOMENT app was recognized in the CES 2023 Innovation Awards Software & Mobile Apps category for giving wearers control over a wide range of features and functionality on their WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids. The newly updated app now provides access to the powerful, intuitive sound personalization system in MySound 2.0; relaxing fractal tones from Widex SoundRelax; tips and advice about using WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids with My Guide; and much more.

Good design award 2022

Widex has been named a 2022 GOOD DESIGN AWARD winner for the new Widex MOMENT Sheer hearing aid solution, including its charger and jewel case, redesigned TV PLAY, and their presentation boxes, based on its use of design to enrich people's lives.

iF Award for Insio Charge & Go

iF Design Award 2022

WS Audiology’s brand Signia has been awarded the prestigious iF Design Award also in 2022. This time for the Signia Insio Charge&Go AX, a custom fit rechargeable Hearing Aid. According to the iF Design Jury, Signia has managed to design the “first custom, rechargeable hearing aids with contactless charging, Bluetooth connectivity and direct streaming from iOS and Android devices in a comfortable, attractive and discreet form.” 

CES 2022 Innovation Honoree Award

Signia’s groundbreaking Augmented Xperience platform and its new rechargeable custom in-the-ear hearing aid Insio Charge&Go AX, together with Vibe Air, have all been named CES Innovation Awards Honorees in the Accessibility, Wearables, and Health & Wellness categories, respectively. 

iF Design 2021

WS Audiology’s brand Signia has been awarded the prestigious iF Design award for Signia Active Pro hearing aids. According to the iF Design Jury, Signia has created a compelling solution to help people with hearing loss overcome the psychological hurdle of wearing hearing aids. Modern-looking, easy to use and fast to fit, they mark a whole new category of hearing aids.

CES Innovation 2021

WIDEX MOMENT was selected as an honoree in the CES 2021 Innovation Awards Health & Wellness and Wearable Technologies categories for its first digital hearing aid to incorporate dual artificial intelligence engines to improve real-time listening. Furthermore, it leverages ZeroDelay™ technology to reduce the standard sound delay from 7-10 milliseconds to 0.5 milliseconds, creating natural sound.

eLearning Award 2020

Signia’s Knowledge App was awarded the eLearning Award for 2020! Each year, the eLearning Journal makes the state-of-the-art in the industry visible. Of the over 200 submissions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the eLearning Journal jury honors innovative projects with exemplary character. Signia Germany’s Knowledge App is a learning initiative for employees in the hearing industry which allows them to increase their knowledge right from their smartphone: paperless and always up-to-date!

Golden Lobe Award 2019

The Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP)  is the most prominent association of independents in the UK. Signia was awarded Standout Sales Individual (Sunir Gyawali), Best Marketing Support to AIHHP, and Best Manufacturer Customer Service of the Year. Widex brought home Outstanding Individual (Jordi Cornado - Technical Support) and Best Mid-Level Product (Evoke 330). Audio Service was happy to get awarded Best Budget Hearing Instrument of the Year (Audio Service G4).

Red Dot Design Award 2019

Signia’s ultra-slim high-tech hearing aid Styletto Connect won the Red Dot Product Design Award 2019. The Red Dot given to Signia’s fashionable, cutting edge device, places it among the year’s best in product design and innovation. The award, which dates back to 1955, recognizes the best products every year across various categories. The jury’s motto is “in search of good design and innovation.”

IF Gold Award

Signia Styletto, the world’s first SLIM-RIC hearing aid, won the iF Gold Award 2019 for its revolutionary design. By combining style with high-tech hearing, the cutting-edge device fights the hearing aid stigma. The international jury of 67 noted that Styletto's design communicates a “strikingly positive and confident identity” and was chosen as one of the best from a total of 6,402 entries.

Good Design Award 2019

Signia’s  outstanding design hearing aid, Styletto Connect won the Good Design Award 2019 in Japan. Good Design Award is the most authoritative award in Japan, not only in consumer products but also industrial goods, architecture, software, systems, services and so on. The award and its logo mark is widely recognized and trusted. Some of Siemens and Signia products had won this award in history and one of our most design-oriented product Styletto has now become its family. 

CES Innovation Honoree Award

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is one of the largest technology and electronics tradeshows in the world. Winning products are chosen each year based on their innovative features that enable use and accessibility for consumers. In 2019, Widex was named a CES® 2019 Best Innovation Awards Honoree in the Fitness, Sports and Biotech product category for WIDEX EVOKETM

German Design Award Special 2019

The new global Sivantos HQ in Singapore received the German Design Award Special 2019 under the “Excellent Communications Design – Interior Architecture" category. The sleek new workplace, designed by PLH Arkitekter and Geyer Design, is meant to be a physical manifestation of the experience and connective potential of sound, inspired by the design concept "Connected by Sound."

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